Newsletter #135 : What are the top three changes you can make today to get more of the results you want?

While there are many changes that you can make to get more of the results you want, the first, and most basic, is to change your mindset. You need to understand that you are in control of your life and it doesn’t matter what other people say or believe about you. The second is to set goals. Goals keep us focused on what we want in life and help us achieve it faster. And lastly, find a support system that will help you achieve your goals by listening to you when you need them the most.

While some of the methods might work better for one person or another. Methods that have been found to be successful in generating more of the desired result may include: setting goals, being mindful of negative self-talk, taking time for self-care, asking others for feedback on your progress, practicing gratitude, and giving thanks.