Newsletter #121 : 5 Reasons Why You Should Include Proteins in Your Diet


5 Reasons Why You Should Include Proteins in Your Diet

1. Proteins are essential nutrients for the human body and an important macronutrient that is necessary for the growth and maintenance of muscles. They are the building blocks of muscle, lean tissue, skin, hair, and nails.

2. They are also important for immunity, hormone production, and digestion.

3. Protein deficiency can lead to low energy levels, slow healing after an injury or infection, and poor growth in children.

4. It also provides energy, helps in controlling appetite, and increases metabolism. Protein is a vital component for the body to function optimally. We must consume enough protein every day to maintain optimum health.

5. Decreasing hunger by reducing levels of ghrelin in the bloodstream.


Protein is essential for the body to maintain and build muscle, as well as an important part of being healthy. Examples of high protein foods are cheese, almonds, and peanuts. Amino acids are the building proteins in food items like beans, whole grains, and soybeans.

The amount of protein needed per day is different for many people. It all depends on your age, size, and the level of muscle mass you have. A person can get proteins from both meat and vegetables.

The average amount of protein that an adult needs is somewhere between 45-55g per day. This type of protein can be found in beans and peas (except baked beans), soy products like tofu or tempeh, peanuts, or peanut butter mixed with whole grains. Dairy products also contain high levels of protein – milk has 8g of protein per cup while yogurt has 6g in each 6oz container.


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