Newsletter #118 : Power of Positive Affirmations, Stocks & Shares, Foods for Energy Levels

The power of positive affirmations comes from the basic principle that thoughts become things. If we spend our days telling ourselves how bad we are, how little we deserve, and how this world doesn’t want us then those words will turn into our reality. And on the other hand, if we tell ourselves that we’re worthy and deserving and that all we need is right here in this moment then those thoughts will become our new reality too.

Affirmations are great for building your confidence. They can be in the form of empowering lyrics in songs, positive quotes from books or films, and personal mantras.


I’m enough. #self-love is essential

I know my worth and I am valuable

You really don’t have to convince me – I am doing it for myself.


What is the difference between stocks and shares?

One of the most common misconceptions is that stocks and shares are one and the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

While stocks and shares might sound like the same thing, there is actually a difference between them. When you buy stocks, it means that you acquire shares of the company.

Shares are small parts of a company’s stock. They represent an individual’s share in the company, Stocks are shares that give someone an ownership stake of the company.

Shares pertain to a single share in a company, while stocks are units of many shares in a company.

A stock is made up of many shares in a company, and their value will depend on factors such as:

– The price per share

– The number of shares issued by the company

Stocks are a form of investment, which means that you buy the stocks from a company and you will have a stake in that company, you become an investor and will be entitled to certain rights like voting on new company initiatives or receiving dividends.


What are the best foods for your energy levels?

The best foods for your energy levels are whole, complex carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index or low sugar content. These types of foods include vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, other high-energy foods are Nuts like Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pecans, cashews, Chia seeds, Raw cacao, Hemp seeds, Quinoa, Dates.

Why are complex carbohydrates good for energy levels?

The main reason complex carbohydrates are so good for your energy levels is because they increase glucose in the bloodstream. This, in turn, gives you more energy to use throughout the day.

Complex carbohydrates are very important for your diet because they provide a steady supply of energy to your body. They also help to regulate your blood sugar levels and can help you feel more full after a meal.