Newsletter #117 : How does writing your goals help you achieve them?

How does writing your goals help you achieve them?

The artist inside you has been waiting for its time to shine. Will you give it the chance? You no longer need to aimlessly imagine – today is the day. What will be your first step in living out your dreams? Raise your volume and say no to negative words. Remember, nothing is impossible.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Ask any successful person about their goals, and you’ll get a plan that led to it. Whether you want to get more done in your day, finally turn that side project into the business of your dreams, or tackle something you’ve been procrastinating for weeks—write down what it is and map out how to do it.

How does writing your goal help you achieve it?

There are two things that are important in achieving one’s goal. 

One is the motivation to achieve it, and the other is the action to achieve it. 

Motivation is what moves you towards your goal 

while taking action will help you reach your goal.

When you write down your goal on a paper, it motivates you to move towards your goal, whether you’re writing down your long-term goals or just the next day’s to-dos, writing your goal can offer a number of benefits that will help you achieve them. 

Rather than simply enacting a mental list, setting your goal down in written form helps you be more mindful of it and release any resistance to completing it. 

The act of writing also gives you an opportunity to explore different approaches or solutions that might not be readily apparent.


⁣May you know the comfort of every day.

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May God keep you in his care.