Newsletter #112 : The only thing that matters Life

Life is tough. Make no mistake.

It’s hard, it’s exhausting.

but it is also worth it

and full of hope.

There is nothing more beautiful than life itself,

with its own mystery.

We try to find the meaning of life in different ways in order to learn more about it.       

We all have different paths in life,

from the moment when we are born until the moment when we die.  

In our path in life,

We will meet many people who will change our way of thinking and living, and make us wiser with their teachings and experiences. All these people have something in common: they give us a new perspective of looking at life.

Life is about the journey of a person. We should never stop and always keep going.

It is not the end; it is what we do next that counts. If we fall down, we should pick up and keep going, because it’s not how far we go, but how much ground we cover in the time that counts.

In the words of Winston Churchill – “Never give up. Never surrender.” Life can be hard as it is, but as they say, ‘the show must go on.’ Life is full of moments that will test you to the core and require a great deal of resilience and determination to overcome. There will always be a chance for hope and a new start, so long as you never give up on yourself or others.

How to make your brain creative?

There are several things to do to train your brain to be more creative. Here are some of them:

– Learn about the process of creativity

– Do something different every day

– Learn how to play an instrument or start practicing music

– Take up a new hobby

– Go for an evening walk or jog every day

Nothing happens until something moves.


Marketing is part science and part art.

Phil Knight

Colorado Monument 

The Colorado Monument is an unincorporated community in Colorado that was established in 1859. The monument is known for its marble quarry, which was opened in 1881, and the nearby fort which was established to protect settlers from Indian raids. The monument is home to approximately 8250 residents.