Got Questions? We’re Here to Help Get You Started With Our THINK Web App.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is THINK ?

THINK is a daily newsletter series focused on lifestyle, mindset, self-improvisation, wellness, enlivening quotes, entrepreneurship notes, positive affirmations and a lot more.

How are THINK newsletters published ?

THINK newsletters are published to the website : think.eclecticbrains.in and the website itself can be installable to your phone devices, for both android & iOS as well. It works on “progressive web applications” using less space on your devices compared to the native device.

How can you install THINK app ?

As soon as you open the website think.eclecticbrains.in in your chrome browsers, click on ‘install’ popup, and you will be given the option to allow notifications, click on ‘allow’ & it will be automatically installed to your phone.

What does ‘allow notifications’ mean ?

When you click on ‘allow notifications’ you will be notified daily as soon as our newsletters are published. We as well send in enlivening quotes, reminders as affirmations with notifications.

How many times will I be notified per day ?

Maximum 2 times per day, one for THINK daily newsletter series & other for affirmations, quotes.

Is this for free ?

Absolutely this is a completely free web app.